6 Things I Learned from my Immigrant Mother.

Like most children, growing up I did not appreciate the tremendous influence that my immigrant mother had on shaping my values and beliefs. As an adult, I now realize just how much my mother and her experiences have impacted me. Here are six lessons "I got from my MAMA"


My mother left her place of birth in the Dominican Republic for America with little information about what to expect, but a head full of hope. She was determined to make things work, despite challenges, roadblocks and small paychecks. Not giving up in the face of adversity has always been on her to-do list and is always the inspiration I need when in doubt.

Put your ego aside.
While it’s good to aim high, you have to start somewhere and take it step by step. There are no shortcuts to success. Sometimes you have to do hard work in the beginning. If you’re too good to start from the bottom, you don’t deserve to ever be on top.

Love is everything and it's free!
Family was a top priority for my mother and everything she did reflected the importance it held for her. Growing up I never noticed the materials things I did not have because love was always present in our home. She showed me the importance of love, as well as the power of saving money at the same time. When you return to the force of love your perspective changes while keeping you on check.

Believe in yourself even if other people don't.
Believing in one’s self starts with inner strength. Knowing herself, knowing her assets and leveraging those strengths is what I saw my mother do each and every day. It is pretty simple, in order to hustle you need to have confidence. 
Do it yourself, literally.
Being resourceful did not only make my mother seem like a super mom, but it also served as an example that there is nothing women can't do. From fixing up broken appliances to painting our entire first apartment, she taught me about creativity and the term "handy-woman" at a very young age. 

Faith and Hope.
Spirituality means different things to each of us and we all find our faith in our own way. Whatever the source of our spirituality may be, identifying it and allowing it to guide you is an important part of feeding our mind, body and soul in order to be at our best. My mother planted that seed within me and my brother. We have always had deep faith and spirituality, which is a big part of our identity as Dominicans.

Because of her I am the woman I am today.

From the desk of Chantal Diaz Vargas. 

Happy Mother's Day! The perfect gift for mom here.